The Team

Alex and Alan are both our head contributors, they are both experienced Flight Pursers in International Airlines. They both have many years experiences in Business Class and First Class service in the air.
In order to make our guests feel warm and comfortable, we are always treat our guests like our family friends, the way is just like when we served our passengers during the flight.
In here, BeMyGuest Taipei, you are easy to find you are like at home, your Taipei Home.
Be relax, and enjoy like you are at home.

Be My Guest Taipei is located at the north section of Dadaocheng, exactly behind the historical building named Shi-Lian-Dong(十連棟).

We are offering the following services,

Private lunch/dinner

All our guests will be greet and welcomed in front of a historic building named Shi-Lian-Dong(十連棟). Our friendly staff will welcome you on time at the central gate of this building. You will be giving a brief introduction of Shi-Lian-Dong(十連棟), and you will be giving some time for photo taking.

Alex, the chef will offer you his fusion cuisine inspired by his travel experiences. Means, you might have the chance to enjoy lots type of food, including Taiwanese food.

We offer Omakase Menu, which means the chef will select the best choice and quality food for your dinner. The dinner meals always contain 6-7 courses, including just-baked bread and dessert.

Cooking Classes

We offer different kinds of cooking classes, including traditional Taiwanese cuisine, Western dishes, Pasta and handmade dessert. Cooking can be more fun, so we may begin with a glass of wine or beer to explore our culinary creation. Remember to cook with soul. Please be noticed that some of our morning classes also include a walking tour to the local wet market and the old town area in Dadaocheng.

Why we are in Dadaocheng

Here are some of Alex’s grandma’s stories, everything was related to Dadaocheng. She was born in 1922, and past away in 2014.

That was during the Japanese occupation era(1895-1945), Alex’s grandma was chosen to be a child bride when she was a little girl, the kid has no one loved. Grandma was assigned by her mother-in-law to Dadaocheng when she was 5 years old to help a business family to take care of their newly born baby. It was Grandma’s first job. Although Alex could not imagine what the scene was, he listened to her story by the bed and followed Grandma into the stage of Dadaocheng.

“When the Japanese government came, someone who lined up to welcome them and shout Ban-Zai (Long live in Japanese), and this make his whole family rich until now”. 

“If you sell something and were caught by the Japanese police, you could be arrested and detained for 29 days. The grandmother next door was caught by the police under the bridge because she was running too slow”.

 “Sometimes Grandma was thinking of jumping into the river to end all of these sadness, but when I think of that April 25th is almost coming, I want to eat a lot of nice food before jumping, and then again, after April 25th , I think of May 13th is coming too, the owner of Dadaocheng will prepare plenty of delicious food at home, day to day, finally I have stopped thinking of jumping. “(Every year of April 25th of the lunar calendar is Sanchongpu worship, May 13th of the lunar calendar is Xiahai Chenghuang’s birthday, which is also the day of Dadaocheng worship. On these two special days, people usually prepare lots of food to pray) These are some of the stories that Alex often heard from Grandma.

Grandma was talking about the history of the middle or lower class of the common people. It is not as prosperous and colorful as the Dadaocheng mentioned in the book, and there is no feasting. It is purely her experience, and it is all imprinted in my heart. This is the impression of Dadaocheng when I were young.

When I learned that I had the opportunity to come to Dadaocheng, I suddenly realized the picture of Dadaocheng that Grandma had. The strong emotions and the friendly scenery, it has made me fee like I am holding Grandma’s hand and entering her world. She was in Dadaocheng, and she should be very happy that her grandson is also in Dadaocheng, creating a bright future just like she did. [/ux_html]