LGBTQ+ Friendly Venue

Welcome to BeMyGuest Taipei Cooking Class, where we pride ourselves on being an LGBTQ+ friendly establishment. Our restaurant is more than just a cooking class or restaurant; it’s a welcoming space where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can enjoy delicious food or cooking skills in a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

Environmental Etiquette

BeMyGuest Taipei is located on the 2nd floor of the community building. Although it is a legal restaurant, we respect the residents of the community. In addition to wearing a mask when entering and leaving the community, we also enforce the etiquette policy of keeping the volume down. Please cooperate with us in the community. Do not make loud noises in public areas.


The definition of using the whole venue

Alex is always welcome to entertain guests from all over the world.
In order to create a warm and relaxing environment, we accept only one party in each of our lunch/dinner time to enjoy our space and service privately.
However you still need to follow our rule and with a good manor.

We do believe, all our guests are educated guests.


Private lunch/dinner, and cooking classes

All classes/ lunch/ dinner/ activities have fixed times, so please be on time.

Please meet at the meeting point (usually the central entrance of ten consecutive historic buildings) at the designated time, our service staff will welcome you and lead you into our restaurant and start the classes/ lunch/ dinner/ activities.

At the end of the event, please follow the instructions of our staff and let them guide you leave our restaurant comfortably and happily.


Be On Time

Due to limited manpower, please be on time. After all the guests are present, we will lead you into the restaurant.

Arriving late or arriving at different times will cause troubles to our service. We will try our best to take care of the service quality of your catering and space, we kindly ask your cooperation and understanding.


Dining Instructions

Bring your own is not permitted including food, drinks, and alcohol. We do not provide any takeaway service, however for the cooking class, you are suggested to bring your own containers if you would like to share your work with your friends, or family.

We provide red and white wine, cocktails, whiskey, cola, coffee, tea… and other beverages at reasonable prices, you are always welcome to order.


Special Requests

This is a private kitchen restaurant.
We don’t have a TEAM of kitchen crews.
Please refrain to give us customized orders.

We accept some situations like religion, health reasons.
We may try to avoid some ingredients.

There are various sources and types may cause allergies.
Please take your own risk to choose the proper food for yourself.

You may let us know in advance for your situation.
Discuss with us to see if we can avoid some ingredients.

No vegan food service here, sorry.



You can bring your own alcohol with advance notice and pay the corkage fee.





If the reservation is cancelled 7 days before the start of the lunch / dinner / classes or activities, a full refund will be given after deducting a 5% handling fee.

No refunds will be given for cancellations within 7 days or no-shows.


Smoking policy

Please follow the government smoking regulations and no smoking is allowed indoors or in our buildings.


Children and Infants

Please be advised, due to space limited reasons, BeMyGuest Taipei does not provide any facilities and seats for children and infants. You must take care of your infants and active children’s safety at all times once you come with those lovely young citizens.



Space is limited and pets are not allowed, except the service animals.


Staff Area

We emphasize that safety is always our top priority. The staff area including but not limited to the kitchen and balcony area has been clearly marked and labeled, no guest will be allowed to enter any of the staff areas at all times. It will be your own responsibility when violated.


Insurance Policy

Each guest in our restaurant will be covered a Public accident liability insurance.