Dadaocheng Private Lunch / Dinner

From: NT$6,400

Each dinner or lunch accepts 4 persons and above (up to 16 persons), 4 is a minimum.

NT1600 per-person.
We accept only one group of guests at each lunch or dinner time.
This means you will enjoy an individual and private restaurant space once you book 4 persons and above.

The dinner/lunch time and date are fixed in our schedule, please check the calendar below.

Dadaocheng was the most fashionable and prosperous area during the Japanese occupation era.
This so-called Dadaocheng consists of the area around Dihua Streets and the riverside areas.

Please enjoy your private dinner/lunch in BeMyGuest Taipei.

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私廚晚餐 大稻埕好客台北 迪化街美食
Dadaocheng Private Lunch / Dinner

From: NT$6,400

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