You must have eaten fried rice noodles, but you may not have fried the authentic  rice noodles. You might have heard of Jiu Jia Cai 酒家菜 (The signature club dishes in the past Japanese Occupation period), but what is the origin of club cuisine? In the exclusive cooking class in BeMyGuest Taipei, you will learn the  the most authentic  cooking skills.

  • Every Saturday 10:00-12:30
  • Language: Chinese and English
  • Max. people in the class is 8
  • NT 2400 / person
  • Venue: BeMyGuest Taipei

2F, No. 356, Section 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City 

Same price for adults and children


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Learn this Club dish. No worries for a lifetime of hangovers

The Squid Soup contents with squid, garlic sprouts, conches, is a famous dish for the refreshment from the handovers. 
In the glorious and prosperous era of Dadaocheng, the “Jiu Jia”(酒家 Men Clubs) was the place for men to gather, recite poems, talk about current affairs, or negotiate business, of course there were also female to accompany with.

In order to help those big bosses to continue to negotiate business after rounds of alcohol, the chefs cooked this delicious and amazing soup to balance their drunkenness to avoid handovers, so that the big bosses can continue to stay longer in the club for more business chatting.

In our exclusive cooking class,  Alex will share the story of the Jiu Jia club cultures in Dadaocheng.

In this chic and comfort atmosphere, we will start to cook the famous Jiu Jia Club dishes – Squid Soup and how to cook a yummy traditional Taiwanese fried rice noodles.


  • It is suitable for parents and children, company departments or friends to cook together.
  • Learn about the evolution of Jiu Jia Club cuisine while cooking.
  • Put on your unique designed apron (this is a gifts can be brought back), have a glass of red wine (or coffee, tea, soda), and let yourself into the feeling to be a chef.
  • Preparing of a squid.
  • How to cut a squid?
  • What is the Three Must elements for Taiwanese Cuisine?
  • Are the fried rice noodles really to be stir-fried?
  • When your food is ready you must take photos,  and upload to your IG and FB , let your friends envy and appreciate your beautiful works.
  • Enjoy your great jobs.

Meeting Point
10 minutes before the class, please be waited at the central entrance of 十連棟 Ten-Connecting- Buildings, this is a historical buildings near Taipei Bridge in the northern part of  Dadaocheng. (For details, please refer to the Meeting Point and access instructions below)

We will escort you to enter the residential area where BeMyGuest Taipei Private Restaurant is located.

A relaxing glass of red wine
What? Drink in the morning? Why not? Life should be in this relaxing way. Isn’t it?
You may enjoy your red wine by listen to Alex’s instructions.

Start to cook
Start to deal with the ingredients, including squid, dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, can conches, garlic sprouts, pork… You will need to cut by yourself and practice individually. Never feel worry, Alex is always beside you.

– Prepare dried squid, conches and garlic sprout

– How to stir-fry rice noodles

Enjoy your Great works
You can take photos in our beautiful restaurant while enjoying today’s food, or you can share your personal experience with your classmates or Alex. The class is up to 2.5-3 hours.

– An gift apron with an exclusive logo designed by “BeMyGuest Taipei” .
– A glass of red wine (you can also choose a cola, beer, soft drink or a glass of tea)
– Recipes  (By files or by copy on papers)

All reservations must be completed 48 hours before the events and dinners date, and the GO-SHOW reservation cannot be accepted.

Please book on our online shop and finish the payment.

Visa/Master/ JCB Credit Card is accepted.


BeMyGuest Taipei is located on the 2nd floor of the residential area of ShI-Lian-Dong and any one is not allowed to enter without our escort.

The meeting time for activities or dinners is 10 minutes before the starting time.

The meeting point is at the central entrance of the ShI-Lian-Dong(Ten Connected Buildings 十連棟), No. 356, Section 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City.

We will escort you and other guests to our venue after everybody shows up.

Please do not push our staff to escort you earlier.

Late arriving  will cause serious trouble for us, please don’t.

Please be on time, the staff will lead you 10 minutes before the event.

GOOGLE Map to access to us

Path from MRT Daqiaotou station  5 mins walk。

The nearest parking is located under the Taipei bridge, there are 2 parking areas,

Environmental etiquette

BeMyGuest Taipei is located on the 2nd floor of the community building. Although it is a legal restaurant, we respect the residents of the community. In addition to wearing a mask when entering and leaving the community, we also enforce the etiquette policy of keeping the volume down. Please cooperate with us in the community. Do not make loud noises in public spaces.

Dinner experience, cooking experience

All activities and dinners have fixed times, so please be on time.

Please meet at the meeting point (usually the central entrance of ten consecutive historic buildings) at the designated time, our staffs will welcome you and lead you into our restaurant and start the activity.

At the end of the event, please follow the instructions of the staffs and let them guide you out of the event venue comfortably and happily.

Be On time

Due to limited manpower, please be on time. After all the guests are present, we will have a special person to lead you into the restaurant.

Arriving late or arriving at different times will cause the staff to take care of your meals and at the same time to taking guests up and downstairs, which will cause trouble. We will try our best to take care of the service quality of your catering and space, we kindly ask your cooperation and understanding.



Outside food, and drinks are not allowed.

You can bring your own alcohol with advance notice and pay the corkage fee.



The dinner and cooking experience in BeMyGuest Taipeii does not provide take-out service. If you need to bring your own creations from your cooking class back home, please bring your own environmentally friendly lunch boxes or containers.



If the reservation is cancelled 7 days before the event or experience, a full refund will be given after deducting a 5% handling fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations within 7 days or no-shows.



Please follow the government smoking regulations and no smoking is allowed indoors or in historic buildings.



Due to lack of equipments and manpower, BeMyGuest Taipei does not provide any facilities and seats for children and infants. Adults accompanying them must take care of their own children and infants at any time.



We love animals, especially our Nemo, a naughty Labrador Retriever. However our space is limited and we don’t suggest you come with your lovely pets, except the service dogs.

Staff Area

We emphasize that safety is always our top priority. The staff area including but not limited to the kitchen and balcony area has been clearly marked and labled, no guest will be allowed to enter into any of the staff area at all times. It will be your own responsibilities when violation.

Insurance Policy

Each our guest will be covered a Public accident liability insurance.


As we always concern your well being,

  • Please wear a face mask when entering the building.
  • Please rest at home or seek for medical help when you have any symptoms of fever, headache, sore throat…….etc.
  • Please wash your hands with soap or using the alcohol spray to clean your hands frequently.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

魷魚螺肉蒜-大稻埕好客台北 私人烹飪課
魷魚螺肉蒜-大稻埕好客台北 私人烹飪課
魷魚螺肉蒜-大稻埕好客台北 私人烹飪課
魷魚螺肉蒜-大稻埕好客台北 私人烹飪課
魷魚螺肉蒜-大稻埕好客台北 私人烹飪課
紅酒 炒米粉&酒家菜之魷魚螺肉蒜
魷魚螺肉蒜-大稻埕好客台北 私人烹飪課
驚訝小朋友 炒米粉&酒家菜之魷魚螺肉蒜
食材 炒米粉&酒家菜之魷魚螺肉蒜