Learn this Club dish. No worries for a lifetime of hangovers

The Squid Soup contents with squid, garlic sprouts, snails, is a famous dish for the refreshment from the handovers. 
In the glorious and prosperous era of Dadaocheng, the “Jiu Jia”(Men Clubs) was the place for men to gather, recite poems, talk about current affairs, or negotiate business, of course there were also female to accompany with.

In order to allow these big bosses to continue to negotiate business after rounds of alcohol, the chefs cooked this delicious and amazing soup to balance their drunkenness to avoid handovers, so that the big bosses can continue to stay longer in the club for more business chatting.

In our exclusive private cooking class, you will listen to Alex for sharing the story of the Jiu Jia club cultures in Dadaocheng.

In this chic and comfort atmosphere, we will start to cook theis famous Jiu Jia Club dishes – Squid Soup and how to control the skills to cook a yammy traditional Taiwanese fried rice noodles.

Date: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Time: 09:30 ~ 12:30 (reserve your private lesson slot)

Venue: BeMyGuest Taipei

2F, No. 356, Section 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City 🗺️ map

Activity fee: Original price NT 2400 / person, now 1800 / person

Exclusive private lessons, same price for adults and children

Seats can accept up to 6 people

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* There is no specific schedule for cooking/learning courses. You can choose your favorite course items and make an appointment in the morning (09:30-12:30) every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. One person is also acceptted.

* You can participate alone, or invite several friends in a class, the cost is the same.

*Maximum number of people per session:
Dadaocheng Colorful Dough Party: 10 people
Fried Rice Noodles & Squid Soup: 6 people
Balinese food Cooking : 6 people


Fried Rice Noodles & Traditional Taiwanese Squid Soup
  • It is suitable for parents and children, company departments or friends to cook together.
  • Learn about the evolution of Jiu Jia Club cuisine while cooking.
  • Put on your unique designed apron (this is a gifts can be brought back), have a glass of red wine (or coffee, tea, soda), and let yourself into the feeling to be a chef.
  • Preparing of a squid.
  • How to cut a squid?
  • What is the Three Must elements of Taiwanese Cuisine?
  • Are the fried rice noodles really to be stir-fried?
  • When your food is ready you must take photos with your hard works,  and send them to your IG and FB friends, let them envy and appreciate your beautiful work.
  • Enjoy your great jobs.
The class

Meeting Point
10 minutes before the class, please be waited at the central entrance of 十連棟 Ten-Connecting- Buildings, this is a historical buildings near Taipei Bridge in the northern part of  Dadaocheng. (For details, please refer to the assembly/transportation instructions below)

We will escort you to enter the residential area where BeMyGuest Taipei Private Restaurant is located.

A relaxing glass of red wine
What? Drink in the morning? Why not? Life should be in this relaxing way. Isn’t it?
You may enjoy your red wine by listen to Alex’s instructions.

Start to cook
Start to deal with the ingredients, including squid, dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, can snails, garlic sprouts, pork… You will need to cut by yourself and practice individually. Never feel worry, Alex is always beside you.

– Squid, snail and garlic

– How to stir-fry rice noodles

Enjoy your Great works
You can take photos in our beautiful restaurant while enjoying today’s food, or you can share your personal experience with your classmates or Alex. The class is up to 3 hours.

– An gift apron with an exclusive logo designed by “BeMyGuest Taipei” .
– A glass of red wine (you can also choose a cola, beer, soft drink or a glass of tea)
– Recipes  (By files or by copy on papers)


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1 After online booking, the system will send a “Booking Confirmation” letter to your e-mail.

2 Please complete the payment and notify us by Line after completing the payment.

3 Scan Alex’s LINE QR Code or add ID: balialex to contact us.

4 After receiving your payment completion notice, a booking confirmation will be sent to you, and the confirmation letter will inform you of the time and location of the relevant activities.

5 Complete the event booking process.

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8 ATM informations:
– ATM transfer
– Taishin Bank, Code 812
– Account number: 2003-10-0008597-0
– Account name: Lin Poshou

Meeting point & Access

BeMyGuest Taipei is located on the 2nd floor of the residential area of ShI-Lian-Dong and any one is not allowed to enter without our escort.

The meeting time for activities or dinners is 10 minutes before the starting time.

The meeting point is at the central entrance of the ShI-Lian-Dong(Ten Connected Buildings 十連棟), No. 356, Section 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City.

We will escort you and other guests to our venue after everybody shows up.

Please do not push our staff to escort you earlier.

Late arriving  will cause serious trouble for us, please don’t.

Please be on time, the staff will lead you 10 minutes before the event.

GOOGLE Map to access to us

Path from MRT Daqiaotou station  5 mins walk。

The nearest parking is located under the Taipei bridge, there are 2 parking areas,











酒精濃度20%以下-NT 300/瓶
酒精濃度20%以上-NT 800/瓶















(1) 進入社區空間,請務必配合全程戴上口罩。
(2) 配合實名制,掃描QR CODE或登記。
(3) 用餐請配合工作人員指示入座(防疫隔板或梅花座)。
(4) 如果您臨時有任何發燒或身體不適症狀,請在家休息或迅速就醫。
(5) 請接受額溫測量,體溫超過37.5度者請勿進入,我們將協助您延期參加。
(6) 店內備有酒精噴液供手部清潔,請善加使用。
(7) 用餐、活動期間及離開座位請全程戴上口罩。








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