Cooking Classes

Learn the traditional Taiwanese cooking skills with Alex, and enjoy your Taipei trip. 
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Dadaocheng Private Dinner/Lunch
Fusion, worldwide gourmet, and Omakase Style 
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Sunset Cocktail & Dadaocheng Walking Tour
An easy walk in the Sunset with Alex. Enjoy a cocktail with gourmet finger food in BeMyGuest Private Kitchen Restaurant. 
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“We treat guests like our old friends ”

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BeMyGuest Taipei

Alex had more than 10 years as a flight purser in airline industry.

He likes to travel and to enjoy gourmets.
He is the author of many Bali guide books.
More than that, he has been travelled to Dharamsala, India to as a volunteer for teaching Mandarin to the Tibetan young generation who are exiling with his holiness Dalai Lama.

Alex’s grand mom was here in dadaocheng for starting her first job. In order to memory this brilliant lady, he chose Dadaocheng to getting close to grandmom’s old steps.